Tuesday, June 10, 2008

ScottishPower - World Environment Day

ScottishPower celebrated World Environment Day this month by using Planet Ink Ltd's paperless publishing solutions to produce a special eye-catching digital magazine to mark the event.

The end result was a visually stunning title available to those involved in the business on the day - June 5 - complete with facts and Flash files.

Our digital publishing can help to reduce carbon footprint in a number of ways:

* reduce energy use by not printing
* no use of natural resources such as paper
* no use of ink or other harmful chemicals
* no need for emissions spewing transport - deliver online
* no need for re-prints - simply update pages online
* no need for disposal or recycling

Find out how we can help reduce your carbon footprint and achieve costs savings, by contacting the team on 0141 248 5595 or email shaun@planetinkltd.co.uk

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