Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Business Opportunities with Planet Ink Ltd

Award winning design and publishers Planet Ink Ltd are exploring opportunities to form a partnership or partnerships with media buyers and planners keen to exploit potential new ad revenue sources from digital newspapers and magazines.

The company hopes to forge a strong relationship in order to tap into the new advertising markets created by digital publishing, utilising Planet Ink Ltd’s existing design for digital expertise.

Founding director Shaun Milne said: “We know what we are good at and can see where other people excel. Our hope is to marry those skills and take full advantage of digital publishing.

“Scotland is rich in diverse and creative talent, so there is no reason why we need rely on agencies centred only in London, if we can look at this as a UK wide project.

“We have clients who mail tens of thousands of people a month with titles we publish on their behalf – an extraordinary figure when you consider it is available for free.

“And we have other niche groups with potentially generous spend to exploit, covering a wide demographic of reader.

“Where digital publishing also succeeds is in being able to offer the traditional advertiser more than just a static PDF or ad – but one rich with Flash or video motion and audio.

“Such markets are ripe for tapping into, which is why we hope to be at the forefront of the market before too many others finally catch on.”

Interested parties should call 0141 249 5595 to arrange a meeting or email to express an interest.

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