Tuesday, October 21, 2008

MEDIA RELEASE: ecoforyou launches live today


Click HERE to view Issue One of ecoforyou for FREE

FOR IMMEDIATE USE: Tuesday, Oct 21st, 2008

NEW digital only green lifestyle magazine ecoforyou is now available for FREE from website www.ecoforyou.co.uk

Issue One runs to 34 full colour pages and features eco news, features and tips on going green.

Among the interactive offerings available to readers is the chance to pick their own cover – selecting from four alternatives – and click-through advertising.

Video and other Flash animation, including scroll bars and slideshows, are used across the live digital magazine.

As well as being 100% carbon neutral, ecoforyou is also available in Text Only format compatible with screen readers, opening up its written contents to the blind and visually impaired.

Scottish Environment Minister Mike Russell has penned an exclusive piece for the title that also includes articles on the Energy Agency, ScottishPower, Heathrow Airport and the world’s first occupied carbon zero house.

Glasgow-based Eco publishers Planet Ink Ltd estimate the first edition will be mailed out to around 50,000 email addresses.

They are now accepting inquiries for advertising, sponsorship and editorial for Issue Two which will be available late November.

Preferred publishing partners YUDU Media – the multi-award winning digital platform - have sponsored the publishing cost of Issue One.

An ecoforyou page is also available via social networking site Facebook and updates for the magazine will be posted via Twitter and an associated blog available at ecoforyou.wordpress.com.

Co-Publisher Gerry Cassidy said: “We’ve already had scores of people trying to sign up for the mag before it was even available, thanks to all the fantastic coverage we received from the media and bloggers last week.

“We really hope readers will like what they see and sign-up for free to receive future editions and – importantly – send the ecoforyou link onto their friends, clients and colleagues to support the project.

“Everyone at ecoforyou would also like to thank all those who have been in touch with their advice and emails of support. We’re still wading our way through them trying to reply to them all to say thanks.”

Unlike traditional magazines, Planet Ink Ltd are relying on only web-based communities to help promote ecoforyou.

Co-Publisher Shaun Milne said: “We already know what the power of the web can achieve through communicating quickly, efficiently and socially.

“So this platform offers us the perfect opportunity to grow.

“The more people who hit the Share Me button to pass on the link, the more readers we hope will sign up every month to receive their free editions.

“As our community grows, so should the magazine, opening up a web-savvy community across the ages and demographics for advertisers and sponsors to target using Flash or video ads.

“We’re fast approaching Web 3.0 – the intelligent web – where content and how it is used and distributed will be key to its development, moving on from ability to simply inform online, to being able to do so better.

“Not only is ecoforyou doing away with traditions such as print and ink to become 100% carbon neutral, we hope it is also recycling the mould of how publishers can reach as many readers as possible by embracing the emerging technology available.”


(1) ecoforyou is available by email or free link found at www.ecoforyou.co.uk.

(2) the publishers plan an estimated initial mail-out to 50,000 potential readers.

(3) ecoforyou is accepting inquiries for sponsorship, advertising and editorial inquiries on 0141 248 5595/6 or via info@ecoforyou.co.uk. A full rate-card is available.

(4) Planet Ink Ltd is an award-winning independent design, media and publishing house established in January 2006 by directors Shaun Milne and Gerry Cassidy.

(5) For further information call Shaun Milne on 0794 121 9061 or Gerry Cassidy on 07798 543 9752, or 0141 248 5595.

For further information please email info@ecoforyou.co.uk or visit www.planetinkltd.co.uk

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